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Jeff Lobb B.S, B.Ed, M.Ed, Certified Executive Coach

Greetings, thank you for visiting my website!

I have learned first hand how to get unstuck, follow my dreams and live a rewarding, adventurous and purpose-filled after a life-threatening motorcycle accident with a transport truck. I should have died with two broken vertebrae and a severely broken leg.

I realized things had to change in my life. I dug deep and walked toward that change. I was inspired and coined a new life motto, “Your beliefs create your reality”. Our belief systems fuel and drive every motivation, thought, and action in our lives. I stepped toward a deliberate change and allowed my mind to be renewed and so can you! No more excuses.

I work with leaders and teams to renew their mind in what is possible. I have collaborated and worked in educational, faith-based and non-profit organizations and with leaders since 1998. I continue to work with a variety of leaders in business, politics, government, education, non-profit/faith-based organizations, and most recently with leaders in the film/entertainment industry.

I am a global citizen and have had extensive cross-cultural experiences. These experiences have taught me how to bring people together. I have lived in the United States of America, Kuwait and several places in Canada. I have traveled to 40 countries in Asia, Africa,Europe, the Middle East, Central America and South America. I have found myself in different countries each year challenging community leaders, business leaders and politicians about working collaboratively on community improvement projects in Africa.

I love to coach individual leaders and teams. I also facilitate workshops on a variety of topics including ethics, effective communication, the inward life, awareness and intuition.